Our ethical approach

Our ethical approach

The Group’s ethics are rooted in common principles shared by 30,000 employees who live and work in 38 countries.











REXEL’s ethics approach is a process for progress with origins in our professional work that helps uphold our reputation, further instill trust in our partners and sustain our growth. All of Rexel’s employees are held to the highest professional standards of ethics. Rexel recommends its employees to always act with integrity and in an ethical manner in order to preserve the trust and respect of its customers, shareholders, suppliers, co-workers, partners and the communities it operates with.

The most stringent principles and practices of business ethics are detailed in the Ethics Guide. Created in 2007, an updated version has been released in 2013. The Guide explains the behaviors and manners to uphold in a variety of business relationships and situations: purchasing, customers, gifts, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, diversity, public speaking, harassment, etc.

Inside the Group, the Ethics program is managed and implemented by a network of some 40 Ethics correspondents. Anyone, whether they are an employee or not, can contact them anonymously with questions or report ethics issues. Preventive and corrective measures are also put into place to ensure the procedures for reporting to Ethics correspondents are operating fairly. The Ethics correspondents also work to encourage the development, adherence and monitoring of action plans to expand the program in their countries.

To address a message to the ethics correspondent from a specific subsidiary of the Rexel Group and raise a particular issue and ask for advice: click here