Rockwell Products

Programmable Controllers

1. CompactLogix 5370 Midrange System

  • High functionality in an economical platform
  • No battery required, comes with “Supercapacitor”
  • DLR Ring capability for media redundancy
  • Built in 1GB Secure Digital SD Card
  • 2GB optional available

Product Overview :

2. CompactLogix System

  • Full Support to Ethernet IP/ControlNet/ DeviceNet Networks
  • Packaged controllers offer embedded I/O to lower costs and simplify configuration
  • Analog, digital and specialty modules cover a wide range of applications
  • Integrated safety and motion capabilities in a single controller

Product Overview:

3. ControlLogix System

  • TϋV certified SIL 2 standard, high availability controllers and redundancy modules
  • Provides modular and scalable network communications
  • Remove/Insert Under Power (RIUP)
  • Provides time-synchronization capabilities for first fault, process sequencing and other applications

Product Overview :

4. Control Logix XT

  • ControlLogix-XT system can withstand environments where the temperature ranges from -20°C to 70°C
  • c-UL-us, CE EN, IEC Certification

Product Overview :

5. Smart Guard 600 Safety controllers (1752 SmartGuard™ 600 Safety Controller/1752 SmartGuard 600 Controller with EtherNet/IP)

  • Ideal for mid-level safety applications that are too complex for safety relays, yet too simple for full-sized safety PLCs
  • Integrates with Guard I/O™ modules to expand the number of safety devices you can control
  • Provides data to standard PLCs and HMIs through EtherNet/IP™ or DeviceNet™
  • Let’s you configure and program through RSNetWorx™ for DeviceNet software (required for EtherNet/IP controller)
  • Each controller also includes a DeviceNet connection to support both stand CIP and CIP safety

Product Overview :

1. MicroLogix 1200 System

  • Contains isolated RS-232/RS-485 combo port for serial and networked communication
  • Offers Programmable Limit Switch function
  • Provides program data security
  • Supports floating point data files
  • Expands up to 136 I/O points
  • Compatible with 1762 MicroLogix Expansion I/O modules (up to six modules per controller)
  • 24 or 40 points embedded controller available
  • 6K memory
  • 20 kHz High Speed Counter/Pulse Train Output/Pulse Width Modulation
  • ASCII / Modbus RTU Slave /DF 1

Product Overview :

2. MicroLogix 1400 System

  • Ethernet port provides Web server capability, email capability and protocol support for DNP3 protocol support
  • Built-in LCD with backlight lets you view controller and I/O status
  • Built-in LCD provides simple interface for messages, bit/integer monitoring and manipulation
  • Expands application capabilities through support for as many as seven 1762 MicroLogix
  • Expansion I/O modules with 256 discrete I/O
  • Up to 6 embedded 100 kHz high-speed counters (on controllers with dc inputs)
  • 10K words user program memory and 10K words user data memory
  • Up to 128K bytes for data logging and 64K bytes for recipe
  • Enhanced Instruction Set (Advanced Math and Trig)
  • Subroutine files protection

Product Overview :

3. MicroLogix 1500 System

  • Processor and base unit are independently replaceable
  • Base unit includes power supply and is available with three different configurations of embedded I/O
  • Optional Data Access Tool (1764-DAT) lets you change integer and bit values within the controller
  • Includes eight high-speed inputs that you can use individually as latching inputs, eventinterrupts or combined as two high-speed counters (only on controllers with 24V DC inputs)
  • Includes two high-speed outputs that you can configure as pulse train output or as pulse width modulated outputs (only on controllers with embedded 24V DC outputs)
  • Compatible with 1769 Compact I/O modules (up to 16 modules using an additional bank of expansion I/O and an expansion power supply)
  • 7K (LSP), 14K (LRP) memory
  • 2 channel 20 kHz High Speed Counter/Pulse Train Output/Pulse Width Modulation
  • Full ASCII/Modbus RTU Slave
  • Remote IO capabilities via DeviceNet

Product Overview :

4. Micro 800 controller (Micro810/Micro830/Micro850)

  • Extend the functionality of embedded I/O without increasing the footprint of your controller using Plug-in modules
  • Provides motion capabilities by supporting as many as three axes with (100 KHz) Pulse Train Outputs
  • Includes 100 kHz speed high-speed counter (HSC) inputs on 24V DC models
  • Includes built-in USB port for PLC programming
  • Micro 850 Communicates via EtherNet/IP™

Product Overview :


1. SLC I/O

  • Installs in an SLC™ 500 chassis
  • Connects up to three chassis with 30 I/O modules to a single controller or communication adapter
  • Optical coupling and filter circuitry provides signal noise reduction
  • Some modules include color-coded and removable terminal blocks

Product Overview :

2. ControlLogix I/O

  • Recognizes input transition in less than 25µS
  • Provides per-point CIP Sync time-stamping with ± 4µS accuracy
  • Offers input pattern matching to provide more flexibility in triggering event tasks
  • Captures input pulses as low as 10µS

Product Overview :

3. Micrologix I/O

  • Feature-rich functionality addresses a wide range of applications
  • Network support includes EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, and DH-485 (local only)
  • Software keying prevents incorrect positioning within the system
  • Finger-safe terminal blocks for I/O wiring
  • Small footprint reduces panel space

Product Overview :

4. Compact I/O

  • DIN rail or panel mounting options provide flexibility
  • Individual point diagnostic status indicators ease troubleshooting
  • Software keying prevents placing a module in an incorrect position
  • Connect as many as three banks of Compact I/O™ to a controller; requires use of a communication adapter module and power supply

Product Overview :

1. Flex Ex I/O

  • Installs into hazardous areas (Zone 1) without purged or explosion-proof enclosures
  • Modular design lets you independently select the I/O, termination style and network interface
  • Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) lets you replace modules and make connections in the hazardous area while the system is in operation
  • Simplified engineering drawings, documentation and site certification speed commissioning

Product Overview :

2. CompactBlock LDX I/O

  • Compact package for easy installation in confined areas including wire ways and operator terminals
  • Built-in DeviceNet™ network connectivity
  • Universal sink/source inputs reduce the number of components to stock and provide flexibility of input types
  • Node address switches and autobaud rate detection simplify network commissioning

Product Overview :

3. Redundant I/O

  • Fault Tolerant I/O, Suitable for Simplex and Duplex Connections
  • Supports several network topologies including Device Level Ring
  • Provides I/O redundancy for system requiring high availability
  • RIUP Support, with no interruption of signal input

Product Overview :

4. CompactBlock I/O

  • Compact size fits into shallow enclosures and confined areas
  • Built-in DeviceNet adapter
  • IEC/NEMA Type 3+ inputs offer the widest range of compatible sensors
  • Cyclic and change-of-state DeviceNet operation improves network throughout by reducing network bandwidth usage

Product Overview :

5. Flex I/O Family

  • Wide Varity of modules range available for intrinsically safe I/O (Zone-I, II) for extreme temperature ranges
  • Removal and Insertion under Power (RIUP) lets you replace module while system is in operation
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting possible assembles without tools
  • High density I/O points modules available

Product Overview :

6. Point I/O Family

  • Cost Effective solution for Remote I/O’s
  • TuV certified guard IOs available for safety functions
  • Extremely Fast BackPlane uses change of state (COS) connection to maximize performance
  • Compact Design lets you to fit into limited panel size

Product Overview :

Operator Interface

1. Panel View Plus

  • Modular design includes logic, display and communication modules
  • Optimized for Logix control architectures and supports PLC-based and SLC™-based systems
  • Supports real-time monitoring of your terminals through a web browser
  • RS-232 and Ethernet networks available through built-in communication ports (2 USB Ports)

Product Overview :

2. Panel View Component

  • Operator interface with added value, but with a reduced cost
  • Integrated mounting clip simplifies panel mounting
  • Display sizes range from 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch to 10-inch flat panels in TFT-color STN or monochrome
  • Built-in design software eliminates the need for PC-based software installation
  • Offers keypad or touch screen options for operator input

Product Overview :

3. Panel View Plus 6

  • Provides significant improvements over the PanelView™ Plus 600 graphic terminals.
    – Faster Processor
    – Screen transition rate is up to 70% faster
    – System memory increased
    – Increased illumination of LED backlight display
    – Greater connectivity to a variety of peripherals such as printers, mice and keyboards
  • Display sizes range from 4-inch, 6-inch, 7-inch and10-inch to 15-inch flat panels in TFT-color STN

Product Overview :


1. PowerFlex 7 series

  • Provide a broad set of advanced features and application-specific parameters
  • This class of drives is designed for advanced application flexibility and control system integration
  • Motor Control techniques like V/Hz Control, Sensorless Vector Control and Vector Control with FORCE Technology (with and without encoder)
  • Precise speed and torque regulation techniques
  • Internal solutions for EMC, power quality and control system noise
  • Broad range of power and performance offerings, available up to 2400hp
  • DeviceLogix and Drivelogix technology can help improve system performance and productivity by controlling outputs and managing status and information within the drive
  • Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) communications including DeviceNet™, ControlNet™ and EtherNet/IP™

2. PowerFlex 70

  • Designed for advanced application flexibility and control system integration
  • Advanced drive Overload Protection, Bus Regulation, PID Control (Spd or Trq)
  • Safe Torque-Off option
  • Enhanced Control delivers Vector class torque regulation
  • This drive provides a broad spectrum of features, allowing you to easily integrate it into your architecture and configure it for most application needs

Product Overview :

3. PowerFlex 700

  • Application-specific features and parameters for lifting, oil wells and speed and positioning applications
  • TorqProve feature which can be used in any application where good co-ordination between the drive and the mechanical brake is required
  • Excellent torque production, tight torque regulation and fast update times of torque inputs
  • Position regulator and 16 step indexing table (with encoder feedback)

Product Overview :

4. PowerFlex 700H

  • The PowerFlex 700H drive is ideal for high power applications requiring speed control performance.
  • ATEX certified drive
  • Safe Torque-Off option

Product Overview :

5. PowerFlex 700S

  • The PowerFlex 700S offers optimized integration for the most demanding stand-alone and coordinated drive control and drive system applications
  • Optional DriveLogix™ embedded control for application programmability and control of auxiliary functions
  • Multiple motor feedback options

Product Overview :

6. PowerFlex 700L

  • PowerFlex 700L AC Drives offer either PowerFlex 700 Vector Control or PowerFlex 700S Control on a fully regenerative, liquid-cooled power structure
  • Integrated active converter and line-side filter allow input voltage boost while maintaining consistent system performance
  • Low AC line harmonics with active converter to meet IEEE-519 and CE regulations

Product Overview :

7. PowerFlex 753

  • Dual-port Ethernet/IP Option Module offers Flexibility and Automatic Device Configuration
  • Simplified Integration with Logix
  • Standard I/O on the PowerFlex 753 provides a cost-effective solution
  • Slot-based mechanical architecture to support additional options for I/O, feedback, safety, communications and auxiliary power supply
  • DeviceLogix embedded control technology provides function block programming for stand-alone control of basic applications

Product Overview :

8. PowerFlex 755

  • With Integrated Motion on Ethernet/IP, you can place these drives can on the same network as Kinetix drive
  • A Dual-port Ethernet/IP Option Module supports ring, linear, and star topologies, as well as Device Level Ring (DLR) functionality for fault tolerant connectivity and high drive availability
  • Replaceable surge protector reduces downtime after incoming transient voltage events
  • Integrated DC link inductor enhances protection from power system eventsand reduces input harmonics
  • Pre-engineered Power Option Bay provides cost-effective solution for popular power options
  • Modular construction allows fast and easy replacement of parts (e.g. main blower, capacitor assembly, circuit boards) minimizing production downtime

Product Overview :

1. PowerFlex 4 series (4/4M/40/40P/400)

  • Simple and cost-effective solution for machine-level, stand-alone control applications or connection to Integrated Architecture via Ethernet/IP
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Provides a compact package to optimize panel space and application versatility
  • Industry-standard RS-485 communications capabilities
  • Volts per hertz and sensor less vector motor control technologies
  • Available up to 350hp


2. PowerFlex 4M

  • Most economical Power Flex AC drive offering in its power, performance and feature segment
  • Simple selection, set-up and operation
  • Integral keypad with control keys and local potentiometer

Product Overview :

3. PowerFlex 40

  • V/Hz and sensor less vector control as well as process PID
  • Step Logic allows operation as an independent position controller
  • Timers and counter functions eliminate the need for stand-alone timing relays or counters
  • Ideal for batch processing and parts counting applications

Product Overview :

4. PowerFlex 40P

  • Cost-effective alternative for speed or basic position control of applications
  • Closed Loop Feedback and Safe-Off Functionality
  • Fiber application specific features
  • Integrated Encoder/Pulse train feedback module
  • V/Hz and sensor less vector control, as well as process PID, Position Control Regulator Mode

Product Overview :

5. PowerFlex 400

  • AC Drive Optimized for Commercial Fan and Pump Applications
  • Application Specific features like Auxiliary Motor Control, Damper Input, Flying start, hand/off/auto and sleep/wake etc
  • Wide Power Range
  • V/Hz control, slip compensation and PID control

Product Overview :

6. PowerFlex 525

  • AFirst drive of the next generation of Allen-Bradley PowerFlex compact drives
  • PowerFlex 525 AC drives feature an innovative, modular design offering fast and easy installation with configuration
  • Variety of motor control including volts per hertz, sensor less vector control and closed loop velocity vector control, making these drives ideal for a vast array of applications
  • Mains Free configuration allows the control module to be powered from the USB connection
  • Embedded Ethernet/IP supports seamless integration into the Logix environment and EtherNet/IP networks
  • LCD HIM with multi-language support
  • Optional encoder and Ethernet dual port enhances the performance

Product Overview :

7. PowerFlex 523

  • The modular design features an innovative removable control module that allows installation and configuration at the same time to help increase productivity
  • An embedded port for EtherNet/IP for the PowerFlex 525 AC drive supports seamless integration into the Logix environment and EtherNet/IP networks.
  • An optional dual port EtherNet/IPcard supports ring topologies and device level ring (DLR) functionality, which can help provide network resiliency
  • PowerFlex 525 AC drives can help protect personnel with embedded Safe Torque-Off
    Software and tools help simplify programming
  • An integral human interface module (HIM) supports multiple languagesand features descriptive QuickView™scrolling text to help explain parameters and codes, easing configuration

Product Overview :



  • Single-cable, technology
  • High torque to size ratio
  • Low rotor inertia
  • High-energy rare-earth magnets
  • SpeedTec DIN connector, rotates 180°
  • Standard IEC 72-1 mounting dimensions

2. MP-Series Inertia Motors

  • Highly dynamic brushless servo motors are designed to meet the demanding requirements of high performance motion system
  • Fully-featured: 230V and 460V supply,IP66 sealed connectors, high-resolution feedback devices
  • UL recognized component to applicable UL and CSA standards and CE marked for applicable directives.


  • Stainless-steel fasteners and shaft
  • Food-grade grease on shaft seal and Durable two-part food-grade epoxy coating.
  • Hardened shaft wear sleeve for long-lasting shaft seal and shaft
  • IP66- and IP67-rated connectors can be rotated without the use of tools.
  • Fully encapsulated windings for moisture protection and increased thermal efficiency.



  • High-performance motors for hygienic environments
  • Peak torque of 11.1…27.1 Nm (98…240 lb-in.)
  • Tightly sealed for maximum protection and corrosion resistance
  • Hardened shaft wear sleeve for long-lasting shaft seal and shaft
  • Meets requirements for IP66, IP67 and IP69K for 1200 psi wash down.


  • Brushless AC synchronous servo motors
  • Upgrade easily to Integrated Drive-Motor technology with mounting flanges and shaft dimensions that are identical to MP-Series™ servo motors
  • Rated IP66 with shaft seal (standard) and use of environmentally sealed cable connectorsInclude food-grade grease on shaft seal and USDA compliant food-grade paint.


  • Delivers high torque at low speeds to match application needs
  • Bearing less-housed configuration for applications where the load is already supported by its own bearings.
  • Continuous torque range of 5…426 Nm (44…3770 lb-in.)
  • Heidenhain high-resolution absolute encoders, single- and multi-turn options
  • Windings optimized for use with our Kinetix servo drives
  • Environmental protection to IP65


  • High resolution feedback (up to 2 million counts per revolution) and Optional multi-turn absolute feedback
  • Motor winding provides constant torque over a wide speed range
  • Low rotor inertia for higher acceleration rates
  • Continuous torque of 96…955 Nm (849…8445 lb-in.),Peak torque of 192…1927 Nm (1699…17042 lb-in.)
  • Integrates with our Kinetix® 7000 Servo Drive to extend the range of Kinetix Integrated Motion solutions up to 200 Hp (150 kW)
  • Integral blower cooling allows higher performance in a compact package


  • Tight position control with 17-bit resolution and optional Multi-turn high-resolution.
  • Controls high load-to-motor rotor inertia ratios while maintaining a stable system
  • On-board memory retains motor identity
  • Serial communication automatically reports identity to the drive

9. LDC-Series & LDL-Series Linear Motors

  • No-wear parts such as bearings, gears, and belts.
  • Connects directly to the payload that needs to be moved.
  • Maintains quick movement while handling multiple motion profiles.
  • Achieves precise linear positioning at very high speeds.

1. Ultra1500

  • Auto-identifies motor type for plug-and-play operation
  • Field-programmable flash memory firmware storage
  • Built-in shunting capability (on three largest models)
  • High-resolution absolute feedback

2. Ultra3000

  • The Kinetix Advantage: “The Science of Integrated Motion”.
  • Versatile and Compact : Wide range of power and connectivity
  • Seamless Integration: Easy to configure, commission and integrate.
  • Networkable : DeviceNet option available across platform

3. Kinetix 3

  • Communications: RS-232 for Configuration or ASCII, RS-485 for Modbus-RTU Control
  • Performance: 64 Index Points; One-Parameter Tuning; Vibration Suppression;
  • Automatic P/PI Gain Switch; Auto Motor Recognition.
  • Five basic command modes: Position Follower (PTO); Analog Current; Analog Velocity; Preset Velocity; Indexing (over Modbus or Digital I/O)


4. Kinetix 300

  • Elimination of a dedicated Motion Control network — Use EtherNet/IP for your entire machine.
  • A cost-effective solution for low axis applications — A scalable power platform combined with EtherNet/IP communications
  • Smart Motor Technology — Automatic identification of correct motor-to-drive connectivity
  • A flexible control engine — allows for analog, PTO, indexing, and Ethernet/IP commanded control.

5. Kinetix 350

  • Simplified system design with EtherNet/IP and one configuration environment
  • Meets global standards – ability to build anywhere, ship and support everywhere
  • Reduce system cost – based on axis count and processor
  • Conveniently compact size makes it easy to connect with fewer parts.

6. Kinetix 2000/6000/7000

  • The Kinetix 6000 and Kinetix 2000 multi-axis servo drives provide powerful simplicity to handle even the most demanding applications quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
  • Simplicity at its best: Faster programming, operation and diagnostics.
  • SERCOS interface™. A single, digital fiber optic link eliminates up to 18 discrete wires per axis
  • Advanced control capabilities provide greater precision and throughput, allowing you to meet demands for increased productivity.

7. Kinetix 5500

  • Smaller footprint with optimized power density
  • Single cable including feedback, motor break and motor power, all in one cable equipped with quick, one turn connectors
  • Winding options that match to the drive ratings allowing more efficient system sizing
  • Digital feedback device provides real-time motor performance information to the control system
  • Capability to run servo and induction motors all in one drive platform, reducing inventory carrying costs

8. Kinetix 6000M

  • Rated IP66 with shaft seal (standard) and use of environmentally sealed cable connectors
  • Include food-grade grease on shaft seal and USDA compliant food-grade paint
  • Safe Torque-Off is certified at SIL2/PLd when used with a standard Kinetix 6000 safe-off header.
  • Prevents drive restarts after the safety circuit is tripped.

9. Kinetix 6200

  • SERCOS interface™ Safe Speed Servo.
  • Enhanced Safe Off or Advanced Safety
  • Safe Torque Off (-S)
  • Safe Speed (S1)
  • Enhanced Safe Torque Off (S0)
  • Migration platform for EtherNet/IP network connectivity protects your investment for future technology enhancements

10. Kinetix 6500

  • Rockwell Automation Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP uses CIP Motion™ and CIP Sync™ technology from ODVA, all built on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). Global standards help ensure consistency and interoperability.
  • EtherNet/IP uses standard, unmodified Ethernet, and allows you to effectively manage real-time control and information flow for improved plant-wide optimization, more informed decision-making and better business performance.
  • Time synchronization of drives, I/O and other EtherNet/IP compliant devices provides the performance to help solve the most challenging applications.

1. Motion Analyzer Software

  • Create and simulate multi-segment cycle profiles to determine the best solution for your application needs
  • Link 3D mechanical designs in SolidWorks 3D CAD to the generation of control programs in RSLogix™ 5000 software
  • Export motion profiles directly into RSLogix 5000 software (version 20 or earlier) to catalyze start-up and commissioning
  • Optimize machine sustainability using Ratio Analysis and System Efficiency Analysis tools
  • Verify system performance and maximize long-term machine reliability.


2. UltraWARE Software

  • Communicates with Ultra™ 1500, Ultra™ 3000, Ultra™ 5000 and Kinetix® 3 servo drives using the serial port on your PC
  • Lets you define motion capabilities by selecting the operating modes or the motion functions in your servo drives
  • Configuration capability that lets you commission and program your system offline
  • Powerful, field-tested productivity tools including built-in oscilloscope, on-screen meters and tools for rapid debugging and measurement.


1. FactoryTalk View SCADA

  • Scalable Architecture from single station HMI to Multi-Client/Multi-Server System with redundancy of HMI Server
  • OPC & 21CFR part 11 Compliant SCADA Solution
  • Improve the look and feel of native View SE shapes, buttons, backgrounds and more
  • Real-Time and historical Trending with built-in connectivity to FactoryTalk Historian

Product Overview :


2. FactoryTalk View Point

  • Lowers total cost of ownership
  • No software has to be installed and maintained on client device
  • Extends visualization and real-time decision capabilities to browser-based remote users,
  • including plant managers, supervisors and mobile workers
  • Provides quick, easy access to critical information from the office, home or on the road using the simplicity of a web browser

Product Overview :

3. FactoryTalk Batch

  • Sharing resources, maximizing use of expensive equipment or quickly switching equipment in the case of a failure
  • Visualizing and developing complex recipe structures in a graphical sequential function chart format using the recipe editor
  • Supporting 21CFR Part 11 compliance with comprehensive electronic signatures
  • Streamlining electronic signature setup and maintenance through signature templates

Product Overview :

4. FactoryTalk Historian

  • Improve processes through the ability to analyze complex process data easily
  • Decrease overhead costs by saving time in collecting data and preparing reports
  • Reduce deployment of new systems by utilizing automatic discovery mechanisms to get new equipment data collection configured fast

Product Overview :

5. FactoryTalk Energy Metrix

  • Provide accurate cost accounting based on consumption
  • Generate customized energy reports and charts for a process, department, facility or enterprise
  • Understand the impact of power quality events on your equipment or facility
  • Procure and analyze energy information with minimum capital investment
  • Assign energy costs to the process that generated those costs

Product Overview :

6. RSLogix 500

  • The RSLogix™ family of IEC-1131-compliant ladder logic programming packages helps you maximize performance, save project development time, and improve productivity
  • Flexible, easy-to-use editors
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting tools
  • Powerful, time-saving features and functionality

Product Overview :

7. RSLogix 5000

  • Save time in development using digital/analog I/O faceplates or any one of the more complex device, network or application faceplates with premier device integration
  • Promote design efficiencies like reusability, improved quality and reduced engineering time with modular programming
  • Help to program applications difficult to control with traditional PID instructions with advanced process control function block instructions.

Product Overview :


1. Solid-State Soft Starters SMC 50

  • SMC-50 Solid-State Smart Motor Controllers are designed for application scalability Normal and heavy duty ratings, expandable I/O and sensor capability as well as network integration features are designed in
  • Scalable configuration options, 17 start and stop modes, three slow-speed modes and an optional external bypass optimize unit commissioning
  • Advanced monitoring and protection
  • Better performance in high vibration and harsh environments
  • Available upto current rating of 520A

Product Overview :

2. SMC Flex Soft Starters

  • The SMC Flex Controller features a modular design for simplified installation and maintenance
  • The built-in LCD and keypad make configuration quick and easy
  • Integrated bypass, advanced intelligence, performance and diagnostics, communications flexibility
  • Nine start and stop modes along with up to three slow speed modes allow process optimization
  • Available up to current rating of 1250A

Product Overview :

3. SMC-3 Soft Starter

  • Built-in Electronic Motor Overload Protection
  • Built-in SCR/Run Bypass
  • Delta Compatibility
  • Available up to current rating of 480A
  • LED Status indication

Product Overview :

4. Low Voltage Motor Control Centers

  • CENTERLINE Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCCs) offer a rugged, high performance packaging solution for all your motor control needs
  • IEC and NEMA Motor Control Centers are available
  • IntelliCENTER software provides the ultimate window into your MCC
  • The graphical views in IntelliCENTER of individual MCC units display device data and let you quickly view critical status information

Product Overview :

AB Switchgears

  • Current Range 0-630 A
  • UL Listed for Motor Loads
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Visible Trip Indication
  • High Current Limiting
  • High Switching Capacity

1. IEC Contactors

  • Standard Contactors
  • Safety Contactors
  • Miniature Contactors
  • Capacitor-Switching Contactors

Our IEC contactors offer AC and DC control. They are environmentally friendly, versatile and flexible. These contactors can protect your other devices while delivering the performance you expect.

Product Overview :


2. NEMA Contactors

  • AC Contactors
  • Definite Purpose Contactors
  • Top Wiring Contactors for Motor Loads
  • Feed-Through Wiring Contactors for Motor Loads
  • Vacuum Contactors

Our motor-rated contactors are available from NEMA (size 0-9) in open and enclosed design for full-voltage starting of AC motors. Our contactors can also be used for non-motor and lightening loads. We also offer a variety of NEMA contactors with marine certification for many marine and off-shore applications. We offer feeder-disconnect type lighting contactors for turning large blocks of lights on and off.

Product Overview :


3. Solid-State Contactors

  • Solid-State Contactors complement our line of Bulletin 700 solid-state relays to provide you with a complete line of solid-state solutions.
  • Our contactors are designed without moving parts or contacts that can wear out
  • This feature can reduce or eliminate the cost associated with maintenance, part replacement and downtime.


4. Combination Contactors

Our NEMA Combination Contactors are available in either a disconnect switch or circuit breaker, mounted to a common device. Our products also have a variety of enclosures to suit various application needs.

Product Overview :

1. E3 and E3 Plus Electronic Overload and Current Monitor Relays

  • DeviceNet™ communication integrated
  • IEC/NEMA configurations
  • True RMS current sensing
  • Single/Three phase
  • LED indicators
  • Test/reset button
  • Adjustable trip class (5-30)
  • Motor Diagnostics

Product Overview :

1. 193-T1 IEC Bimetallic Standard Overload Relays

Bulletin 193-T1 Thermal Overload Relays are designed for use with Bulletin 100-C Contactor and Bulletin 104-C Reversing Contactors.

Product Overview :


2. 193-K IEC Bimetallic Miniature Overload Relays

Bimetallic Overload Relays are designed for use with Bulletin 100-K Contactors and Bulletin 104-K Reversing Contactors. These thermal overload relays include a differential mechanism for sensitivity to phase-loss conditions.

Product Overview :

3. 592 NEMA Eutectic Alloy Overload Relays

Alloy Overload Relays are thermal type devices when used with the proper short-circuit protection.These relays protect the motor, motor controller and power wiring against overheating that takes place due to excessive over currents. The trip-free mechanism provides overload protection even when the reset button is pressed.

Product Overview :

1. General Purpose Relays

General Purpose Relays offer reliable design, quick replacements and panel space saving solutions for common relay control applications.

Product Overview :

2. IEC Industrial Relays

We offer a wide range of IEC Industrial Relays designed for heavier duty applications, large loads and long life to meet your general industrial control needs. Safety IEC control relays are also available.

Product Overview :

3. NEMA Industrial Relays

We offer a wide-range of NEMA Industrial Relays designed for heavier-duty applications, large loads and long life to meet your industrial control application needs.

Product Overview :

4. Safety Relays

  • Safety Relays, check and monitor a safety system and either allow the machine to start or execute commands to stop the machine
  • Single-function safety relays are the most economical solution for smaller machines where a dedicated logic device is needed to complete the safety function
  • Modular and configurable monitoring safety relays are preferred where a large and diverse number of safeguarding devices and minimal zone control are required

Product Overview :

1. Single-Function Relays

  • The Guardmaster® MSR100 Single Function Safety Relays support a wide variety of input devices and output configurations
  • Ideal for relatively small safety applications and single zone control, MSR100 relays are compact packages with removable terminals
  • These relays are also available in electro mechanical versions or solid-state models for applications involving high cycle rates

Product Overview :


2. Single-Function Relays with Delayed Outputs

  • Safety Relays with Delayed Outputs are used in applications where power must be maintained for a fixed duration after an input signal is received

Product Overview :

3. 200 Series Modular Relays

  • The Guardmaster® MSR200 expandable modular relay system supports up to 22 diverse inputs; including mats, light curtains and switches
  • This single-relay system allows safety control of larger and more complex manufacturing equipment
  • The microprocessor based design offers diagnostic and communication functionality and can deliver output and error status over a fieldbus network to an HMI

Product Overview :

4. 300 Series Configurable Relays

  • The Guardmaster® MSR300 family of expandable modular safety relays handles larger, more complicated safety systems by allowing connection of multiple input modules to a single base unit
  • It offers a logic configuration with multiple inputs and the control of multiple independent outputs
  • The system supports up to 20 diverse inputs and can control up to 3 zones, performing simple function block logic configurations through rotary switch settings as opposed to software configuration

Product Overview :

5. Specialty Relays

  • Specialty Relays and accessories are available for a wide-range of high-risk applications

Product Overview :

6. Expansion Relays

  • Safety Relay Expansion Units are designed to expand the number of outputs available, when used with Guardmaster® Safety Relays and retain the same integrity as the base unit

Product Overview :

7. Expansion Relays with Delayed Outputs

  • Expansion Relays with Delayed Outputs operate as extensions of a master safety relay. The outputs of the expansion relay mimic the outputs of the master. Delayed outputs are used in applications where power must be maintained for a fixed duration after an input signal is received

Product Overview :