Atul Jain

Atul Jain, Sales Manager

“My growth came from Yantra- Rexel”

  • What has been your career path?
    • I Started My Career as trainee in two successive manufacturers. But My Growth came from Yantra Automation where I joined in May 2007. Here too I Joined as Technical Trainee and worked as Technical Support Engineer for 3 Years. Then, I was transferred to Sales and later on promoted as Senior Sales Engineer.
  • What are your current responsibilities?
    • I am responsible for the Key Automotive OEM Business and PCMC area in PUNE . I lead a team of 2 sales engineer, by helping them plan and support their execution.
  • What inspires you in your work?
    • I love to meet people, interact with them, learn a new thing every day, facing challenges and thinking new Idea to handle situation which makes me more productive and competent.