Rupali Amrutkar

Rupali Amrutkar, Technical Manager

  • What has been your career path?
    • I have completed Bachelor of Engineering 4 year course in Electronics & Telecommunication in 2006. I started my career as a project engineer in a system integrator,Logicon Techno Solution. After 2 years in 2008, I joined AD- Rexel as a support engineer, then was promoted as Senior Technical Consultant and finally technical manager in 2015. I have had the opportunity to contribute in multiple type of projects like Boiler Application, Chiller, Water Treatment Plant, Machine Projects like Blender Application, RMG , FBD, Humidity Chamber System, Energy Monitoring System, Soft gel Capsule Filling Machineand prestigious customers like Mahindra, Reliance, Fabtech, Thermax, SAAN Engineering,Newtronics, Christ Nishotech. I am proud to support the company and our customers with the strengths I developed relentless focus on quality and time, technical know-how applied in the best interest of customers.

  • What are your current responsibilities?
    • Currently I am working as a Technical Manager. I am responsible and accountable for results of works assigned to me. I am leading a team of 5 technical consultants to ensure excellence in performance for our customer. As a Manager I am trying to contribute equally in Technical/Functional aspects & Management aspects to achieve team goals as well as Organizational Goals.

  • What inspires you in your work?
    • My positive approach, problem solving skill, knowledge of works and dedication towards works always inspires me. Also my team learning attitude, focus on works, Management’s support and family support inspires me to perform effectively.