Sanjay Sampat

Sanjay Sampat, Senior Sales Manager

  • What has been your career path?chinmaya
    • I started my career 19 years ago at a manufacturer of public telephone facilities, straight after finishing my studies in Industrial Electronics from Pune city. I joined in 2009 at our Baroda branch taking care for sales operation in south Gujarat then I was responsible for several key corporate customers directly and leading a sales team. Baroda, over the last few years is the highest growing branch in Rexel-India, which I am particularly proud of.
  • What are your current responsibilities?
    • I am responsible for key Oil & Gas customers in Gujarat region. Over and above this, I also support sales team for few important OEMs & Corporate End Users. I am responsible for driving channel partner business across region and this is done by building and delivering a strategy for business, managing and motivating internal & external team by ensuring first class relationships with manufacturers and customers alike.
  • What inspires you in your work?
    • I always admire concepts like freedom of work, adoption of new ideas, flexibility and a strong customer focus from Rexel. This inspires and leads towards profitable business & satisfied customer base. It also inspires and motivates teams who can always deliver growth. I have a strong sense of pride working for a company that has integrity and a good reputation, and is creating value in customers by providing innovative products & services.