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joining forces for a better energy world



At Rexel, sustainable development is an essential part of our strategy and is incorporated into our various activities, benefiting all our stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders, as well as the communities surrounding our locations. Faced with the socio-economic challenges of energy access, the energy transition and the fight against climate change, we are committed to developing a sustainable and responsible business everywhere we operate. For this reason, we have defined a structured approach to sustainability.

Our Commitments to Ethics & Safety

Our social responsibility relies on ethical and safe practices throughout the Group

- Ethics policy: Rexel’s approach to ethics is a continuous improvement process that is based on principles shared by the Group’s 27.000 employees. It helps safeguard the Group’s reputation and strengthen its partners’ trust, thus contributing to the company’s sustainable growth. The Group’s ethics policy is implemented with the support of the Ethics Guide, which is distributed to all Rexel employees. The Ethics Guide specifies the principles and practices of workplace ethics at Rexel and the proper conduct to adopt in various professional situations.

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- Health and safety in the workplace: as a responsible company, whose success relies on its people’s energy all along the value chain, Rexel seeks to guarantee its employees’ right to safety, hygiene and health and ensure the adoption of best practices worldwide. In 2015, a new safety campaign was launched to underline that the safety of our staff and all our stakeholders is and will always be an essential part of how we do business.

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